CLEP Principles of Marketing w/ CD-ROM (CLEP Test Preparation) by James E. Finch

CLEP Principles of Marketing w/ CD-ROM (CLEP Test Preparation)

Book Title: CLEP Principles of Marketing w/ CD-ROM (CLEP Test Preparation)

Publisher: Research & Education Association

ISBN: 0738601179

Author: James E. Finch

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James E. Finch with CLEP Principles of Marketing w/ CD-ROM (CLEP Test Preparation)

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Earn College Credit with REA's Test Prep for
CLEP* Principles of Marketing

Everything you need to pass the exam and get the college credit you deserve.

CLEP* is the most popular credit-by-examination program in the country, accepted by more than 2,900 colleges and universities. For over 15 years, REA has helped students pass CLEP* exams and earn college credit while reducing their tuition costs. Our CLEP* test preps are perfect for adults returning to college (or attending for the first time), military service members, high-school graduates looking to earn college credit, or home-schooled students with knowledge that can translate into college credit.

The CLEP* Principles of Marketing test prep assesses the skills tested on the official CLEP* exam. Our comprehensive review chapters cover: marketing concepts, theories, consumer behavior, product concepts, and more.

The book includes two full-length practice tests. Each exam comes with detailed feedback on every question. We don't just say which answers are right-we explain why the other answer choices are wrong-so you can identify your strengths and weaknesses while building your skills.

Both of the book's practice tests are also offered on our interactive TestWare CD and give you the added benefits of timed testing, automatic scoring, and diagnostic feedback. We help you zero in on the topics and types of questions that give you trouble now, so you'll succeed when it counts.

REA is the acknowledged leader in CLEP* preparation, with the most extensive library of CLEP* titles available. Our test preps for CLEP* exams help you earn college credit, save on tuition, and get a college degree.